Marinette Moose Lodge

Lodge 2327/ Chapter 1900

Please Note Lodge is Closed till 7/23 due to Covid-19

Congratulations to our Moosette of the month,
Ann McDonald she has been in the thick of things with her sleeves rolled up and ready to go to work since the day she joined the Moose. Thanks again Ann for all you do. Your infectious laugh and cheerful willingness to help is very much appreciated.

I want to thank everyone for electing me to Senior Regent. I hope I can live up to all my predecessors. My goals are to continue to promote the WOTM and the Marinette Moose Lodge, to make the transition to “ One Moose” as smooth as possible, and to look for areas of improvement. That last one will be hard. We have a great family already let’s hope we can remain as strong.
My first lodge action was helping with the 4th of July celebration. “Fireballs” put on their BEST show ever! The bucket raffle was a huge success which contributed to a full team effort. I cannot name everyone who donated, helped set up, and those that bought tickets and those who volunteered to sell the tickets, there are too many to list. Thank you to everyone who donated and to those who volunteered to sit in the heat and sell tickets. Thank you for the music that kept the raffle in everyone’s thoughts also! Con-gratulations to Willie Powell for winning the 50/50. The bucket raffle was a huge success and we will be doing it again next year. Special thanks to Karen Techmeier for her monthly raffle. Winners were Jackie Lorenz, Dorothy Kowalski, and Paul Dura congratulations to you.
Congratulations to Ann McDonald our Moosette of the month. We appreciate all that you do for the WOTM. Events planned for next month are a meat raffle which will be hosted by Kay Nelson.
Thank you again for all that you do and all who volunteer and donate their time so our events can be successful no matter what they are. The women here always rise to the occasion and give 100 percent to make sure these events are successful and fulfilling. I am proud to call WOTM my family. If any of you have ideas for events or would like to host a monthly raffle please let me know. We welcome all ideas. Meetings are held twice a month. All are welcome to attend. If you cannot make the meetings but would still like to volunteer or have ideas of things or activities you would like to do contact me. I will be willing to share your thoughts. Let’s all continue to be safe and healthy!
Tammy Kostura