Marinette Moose Lodge

Lodge 2327/ Chapter 1900

Please Note Lodge is Closed till 7/23 due to Covid-19

Last month, the dates for the campground meeting listed Thursday as the meeting dates and this is incorrect. Campground meetings are
held at 11:00 AM on the third Saturday of the month. The dates of the meetings were correct:
April 17 July 17
May 15 August 21
June 19 September 18
Please put these dates in your planner to attend the very informative Campground meetings. Those already with a campsite need to complete
and return your Campground rules (Mailed in January) along with your deposit of $100 by March 1, 2021, to retain your site. If you are planning
on moving to a new site, please make sure to complete that form too. Make sure the forms are completed, including your signature along with
your proof of insurance, on your camper and golf cart or carts. Full payment of $850 must be received by May 1, 2021, or be assessed a $25 late
If you have decided not to return, please complete the site vacancy slip stating that you are not returning. And sign the slip. This will make everything go smoother during the Campground camper meeting on March 28th, 2021. The meeting will start at 11:00 AM. If you have a campsite, the
letter will be your only letter reminding you of your obligations. The newsletter will try to keep you up to date on camping news.
The campground committee will meet in March to review paid deposits. If your deposit is not received by March 1st, then your site will
be considered vacant.

CAMPGROUND MEETING 3/28/21. NEXT MONTH is the Annual Campground meeting for moving sites and filling vacant sites.
If Covid Restrictions are lifted; If you are on the Campsite waiting list, and you get selected for a campsite, you must have your deposit money turned in the day of the campground meeting.

If you can’t be present, then you must have a representative with the deposit money. This way you can have your site reserved. If Covid Restriction is still in place; The Campground committee will meet and CALL the campsites, by seniority, to fill any moves available
Then CALL the Moose Members, in good standing, on the waiting list to fill the open sites.
Wishing everyone the best…

Kassi is one of those individuals that participate in every function or event. She continuously displays the description of a Moosette of the Month.
Her contributions to the Women of the Moose activities make them go on without a snag.
The Women of the Moose had an easy choice selecting Kassi for Moosette of the Month for February.

Volunteer needed to Chair the $10.00 Raffle. This is an event that is easy to chair, it has been running smoothly for years.

We are super excited our Moose Charities mailbox is ready ! You can help the children at Mooseheart with Shoparoo, Box Tops for Education and Coca-Cola Gives. Both Shoparoo and Box Tops save your receipts and drop them at the lodge within 14 days(or check out videos below on how to do it yourselves at home). Coke gives save your bottle caps or box codes and Mooseheart gets $0.05-0.38 each time.


Which Receipts Earn Roo Points?

Receipts in the Grocery category earn Roo Points. Stores that primarily sell consumable products earn these rewards. The following store types earn Roo Points based on the receipt total:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Supermarket, Supercenter, & Club Stores
  • Gas Station & Convenience Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Bargain & Dollar Stores
  • Liquor Stores
  • Mom & Pop Shops & Corner Stores
  • Pet Supply Stores
  • Toy Stores
  • Beauty Supply Stores

Roo Points are rewarded based on the total Transaction amount as displayed on the receipts:

  • <$10 = 10 Roo Points
  • $10-50 = 20 Roo Points
  • $50-$100 = 30 Roo Points
  • $100+ = 40 Roo Points

Help Wanted
Volunteers to help out in kitchen on Thursday and Friday when we are serving food. I have been cooking your burgers for the last 8 years or so and it is time for me to take a break . Looking for a couple of people to do Thursday night burgers and help on Fridays see Darrell or one of the board members

Bob Britz 2020-21
Edward Schlaud 2018-20
Brad Boivin 2016-18
Edward Schlaud 2015-16
Dennis Ethington 2014-15
Edward Schlaud 2013-14
Edward Schlaud 2012-13
Kenneth Gable 2011-12
Richard Bartels 2010-11
Dale Miller 2009-10
Dale Miller 2008-09
Willard Webb 2007-08
Richard McDonald 2005-06
William Powell 2004-05
Leeland Diercks 2003-04
Darrell Ethington 2003-04
Darrell Ethington 2002-03
John Stepniak Jr. 2002-03
John Stepniak Sr. 2001-02
Leeland Diercks 2000-01
Darrell Ethington 1999-00
Larry Liljestrand 1998-99
Lynwood Harrand 1998-99
Richard McDonald 1997-98
Larry Liljestrand 1996-97
Larry Liljestrand 1995-96
James Shampo 1994-95
Pete Christophersen 1993-94
Pete Christophersen 1992-93
Darrell Ethington 1991-92
Darrell Ethington 1990-91
Robert Saunier 1989-90
Roland Deschaine 1988-89
Roland Deschaine 1988-89
Roland Deschaine 1987-88

Tammy Kostura 2020-21
Kim Dobbins 2019-20
Cindy Deschaine 2018-19
Sara  Techmeier 2017-18
Irene Heimbuch   2016-17
Amy Boivin   2015-16
Holly Schlaud   2014-15
Connie Vojciihoski   2013-14
Christine Szepanski   2012-13
Lanita Williams   2011-12
Sharon Beyer   2010-11
Lana Bero   2009-10
Sharon Beyer   2008-09
Sharon Beyer   2008-09
Lana Bero   2007-08
Sharon Beyer   2006-07
Lana Bero   2005-06
Lana Bero   2003-04
Rebecha Stepniak   2002-03
Suzanne Matecki   2001-02
Ann Revall   2000-01
Cheryl Dura   1999-00
Dina Van Gilder   1998-99
Judith Ethington   1997-98
Kay Nelson   1996-97
Melissa Wojciehowski   1995-96
Arlene Ford   1994-95
Donna Shampo   1993-94
Judith Ethington   1992-93
Michelle Thiry   1991-92
Sandra Saunier   1990-91
Patricia Jashinsky   1989-90

Marinette Moose Lodge Events are for Members and Qualified Guests Only unless otherwise stated.