Hello to all Moose members. I’m hoping everyone enjoyed the fireworks they were great as always. A heartfelt thanks to the crew that put it on.
It’s been a very crazy year for every-one having to stay at home. It was nice to have the campground open and seeing everyone enjoying themselves.
August 8th we will have a benefit dinner for Javier Guido to help pay for his eye surgery so he doesn’t go blind. He is a great guy and has helped a lot at the Lodge. Lets all pitch in and have a good turnout.
The kids fishing tournament has been canceled due to the Covid-19 pan-demic. This saddens me to think of all the fun and good times that will never be had by the children. We must find a way to overcome this awful virus.
Remember the last week in August will be a Moose get together at our Lodge.
Let us pitch in and make it a big success.
Let us all hang in there thru this pandemic.
Bob Britz