Hello Again!
Yup, Your Senior Regent here! There haven’t been any activities to write about. We still have 2 meetings a month. The meetings will be held at the Dome Lanes again this month. Feb 1 Officers @ 5:30 PM, Meeting @ 6:00 PM and Feb 15 Meet-ing @ 6:00 PM. All Current Moose members are invited to attend. Spring is not far off. If you have any ideas for fundraising or fun activities you would like to see happen come to the meeting or contact a Board member or someone who can convey your ideas.
We are planning the kids Easter party and the July events. Other than that things have been pretty quiet. I have been enjoying the mild days we have been having. I hope you are all healthy and doing well.
The Moosette of the Month is Kassi Dob-bins! Kassi went up and above to secure all the ingredients necessary for a successful Hamburger Hot Dog Drive-thru. She has always volunteered at Moose events. She volunteers to go shopping for various events and fundraisers. She is always willing to lend a hand or contribute in whatever way she can to support our Moose family. Thank you, Kassi. Congratulations
If you know of a friend or relative that would like to join the Moose and be involved in our great organization please get them an application!
Again everyone is safe and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the meetings, the Lodge, the campground, or wherever I might see you.
Stay safe