Marinette Moose Lodge

Lodge 2327/ Chapter 1900

Well here I am writing a newsletter again. It just seams like I just did one. Time needs to slow down so I can catch up. So with that being said it is again to start thinking about nominations for the Board of Officers. Elections are just around the corner. Any women in good standing that wishes to be a member of the Board of Officers please put your name in the women’s mailbox at the Moose Lodge. The nominating committee will be taking in nominations with the final slate of nominees being read at the March 2nd 2020 meeting.
And with that I just want to remind everyone, the WOTM meetings are being held at the Dome Lanes on the first and third Mondays of the month at 6:30 p.m. through March. I am hoping to see more faces at our meetings.
At the Christmas Party, the WOTM had a raffle with Grace Dahl winning a basket full of goodies and Karen Mattson won a miniature Christmas tree. Congratulations to both.
The month of January, the WOTM held a Red Tassel Ceremony for Amy Boivin and Holly Schlaud. Congratulations ladies! You are an inspiration to others.
With that I would like to congratulate our Mooseette of the Month, Mary Edwards. She set up the cookie decorating and crafts not once but twice. I was there for the second one and it was an awesome event with a lot of smiling kids. Thanks again Mary, we appreciate all you do for the WOTM.
I again would like to thank everyone that volunteers, making this such a great Lodge.
Happy New Year everyone!
Kim Dobbins

Marinette Moose Lodge Events are for Members and Qualified Guests Only unless otherwise stated.