Marinette Moose Lodge

Lodge 2327/ Chapter 1900

Dear Co-Workers
It has been a pretty good winter so far, but I do hope it freezes enough for the radar run set for this month. It is a good time with fun for the kids and all. Hope to see you on the ice. The Women of the Moose are fast approaching the end of another year. This will mark 30 years for our chapter and we currently have about 400 members. I would love to see even one fourth of those members become a little more active in the chapter. We will be looking for some new members to step up and be officers again for the ensu-ing year. It does not take a lot to do this. Just a commitment of meeting twice a month with the board and other members to dis-cuss and decide what we will be doing each and every month. It is not a hard job, because as a group we have such great mentors to help us along the way. So anyone that would be interested in joining us on Monday nights would be great. Just fill out the form in the newsletter and return it to a board member. Also we are al-ways in need of people to do a monthly fundraiser or hold a chapter activity night. A fund raiser is just about anything you want to do with approval of the Board. In the past there have been many that raffle items off at the lodge during the month and others have planed activities, such as a card night or a special event to raise money for the chapter. These fundraisers make it possible for our local chapter to donate to those in need. If interested in helping out just slip us a note in the mailbox or call me. We will help you out while you help out a great organization. This organization has grown so much in 30 years, I would love to see it continue doing just that with your help. It is also with great sadness that we lost two members most recently, Pat Johnson and Judy Ethington. We will always miss Pats smiling face which everyone knows you could see almost every Sunday at the Lodge until she became ill a couple of years ago. She will be greatly missed. Judy was a major part of the Women of the Moose for all of the 30 years it has been in existence . She was on the board for quite a few years and even after getting her College of Regents, played a vital role with the chapter as audit chairman among other committees. Judy was always there to give the new board a hand as a mentor and a great men-tor she was. She has been the editor of this newsletter for the last 26 years. She has played a vital role for the Women of this Chapter. I hope and pray when I am gone they can say the same for me. She was a great role model and was loved dearly. May they both rest in peace. If every member could follow in their shoes, what a great Lodge and Chapter we would have.
Cindy Deschaine

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