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Lodge 2327/ Chapter 1900

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Wow. Ten days before the Haunted House, and we are able to put the outside walls up. All set to go, and Jeremy Jones, and Tom Bero and I moved the picnic tables out and hung the outside walls with a minimum of problems. This would allow for the Children’s movie to play in more darkness. Next year, we will need at least two more people to make it an easier job.
Six days to go, and time for the interior walls. Jeremy Jones and Tom Bero and I start the project. Brad Bovin, Tom Techmier, Don Lorenz, Matt Harris, and more arrive. The interior walls go up without too many problems. The yellow lights come down, and the colored bulbs go up. Rooms are assigned.
And then the bottom fell out. One of our big contributors had a family issue and had to drop out. I was devastated. I did not think it would come together. I held it together inside, but was not sure how it would turn out…
Then the Marinette Moose Lodge members came through. I received statements of, “Give me some rooms,” and “I will make it happen!” From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. I know what my Drama Director in High School felt like. The Haunted house came together better than I expected. This was a great success. The rooms were praised by all that went through it. I received remarks on the superb make-up, thank you, Erin Harris. The rooms, Spider room, Skulls room, Reverse butcher, Clown room, Electric chair, Nanny, The children from He!!, Torture Chamber, Pi-rates, Faces, Bones, Witches, Marriage with a sinister Minister, Slaughter room, Hands, Cornstalks, Insane Assylum, Undertaker and chain saw exit.
A first this year, the No Scare Hour, that had a lot of good comments, and brought a few backs to go through when it was dark, loud, and definitely scary. This was a way for parents to bring the children out and see our work. I think it was a success, and will probably continue.
The setup was intense; the running of the house both days took a lot of dedication. Saturday evening, after the running of the house, the pizza put on by the Moose Lodge hit the spot! Thank you. The takedown went very smoothly. Better than I expected, and the ladies of Chapter 1900 surpassed my expectations with the breakfast.
The Moose Lodge is a fantastic organization. If you are not volunteering your time to help improve our Lodge’s Reputation, you are missing out on a fantastic time.
I don’t know if I can thank everyone enough for everything that happened. I don’t want to miss anyone, if I do, I am going to apologize in advance.
A big THANK YOU to; Jeremy Jones, Naomi Jones, Greyson Jones, Matt Harris, Erin Harris, Cole Harris, Nathaniel Harris, Jason Harris, Linda Harris, Laurie Stone, Gail Hornick, Dale Hornick, Sherri Boivin, Brad Bovin, Amy Bovin, Savannah Bovin, Tom Techmier, Karen Techmier, Ashley Techmier, Kyle Jerkiewick, Terri Blank, Madi Blank, Paul Miller, Peyton Miller, Elena Crepeall, Kim Dobbins, Kassi Dob-bins, Kaleigh Wilder, Ann McDonald, Mike Hammond, Don Lorenz, Jackie Lorenz, Cadence Lorenz, Kaitlyn Lorenz, Holly, Cindy, Stacy McKay, Tristen Heitkemper, Tom Bero, and I am sure I missed one or two of you.
I also have to thank my wife, Tammy Kostura, for putting up with my “high strung” attitude, and her calming demeanor along with purchases of decoration batteries, Spider decor, and items to increase the outside decorations. I probably botched a few names. But WOW. The team came together, and now I am looking forward to next year. I want it to be bigger and better. It will be tough to be better than this year, but let us start thinking of what we need to do to improve. The nature walk, Haunted Trail is a GO! This is spring into summer project needing your help.
Jim Kostura

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